About Us

Proteon Pty Limited is a privately owned and operated company.

Founded in 2006, we’re a mixed-mode company in Sydney’s Northern Beaches area.

Our staff have a diverse set of skills and experience, covering a range of business and personal coaching and consulting services, and niche online product delivery.

Our core values are based on:

  • getting the job done professionally and rapidly
  • getting the job done with the minimum of fuss
  • working hard to get the right outcome for you
  • being family friendly
  • supporting sustainability
  • helping our local community

We can help you with everything from identifying business requirements and opportunities for growth, to business and marketing reviews, and technical ICT guidance and planning.

If you’re a local business who needs some strategy assistance, or even just a sanity check before you commit a budget, we’ve got the right skills to not only review your position, but also to document the options and leave you with not just an opinion, but a tool you can use to execute and review your changes over time.

Since 2006, we have provided a range of consulting and training services around the Sydney metropolitan area for clients from small businesses to medium-size corporations.  Our consultants are Sydney-based, and have diverse international background covering roles in start-ups, multinational corporations, and a range of industries.

If you have an interesting project or idea which can use our capabilities, especially one located in Sydney’s CBD/North/Northern Beaches areas, please contact us and we’ll be pleased to discuss the potential value we can offer to you.